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Kids and Water Safety



Childhood drowning is the one of the leading causes of accidental death for children ages 1-4 years in the United States.  Residential pools and spas continue to be a primary location for fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents.



The National Injury Prevention Council, Inc. developed the Pool & Spa Backyard Safety Checklist program as an educational tool that reaches pool and spa owners in their own backyard.


The Pool & Spa Backyard Safety Checklist program is designed to provide education directly where it is needed.  Pool and spa owners already take steps to be safer.  Nobody expects that a drowning incident will occur in their backyard. We cannot eliminate all risk, but we can take steps to make it safer.  The Pool & Spa Safety Checklist program will offer information, education, tips and recommendations to help the pool and spa owner improve and increase layers of protection for their particular environment.


The Pool & Spa Backyard Safety Checklist program is a free and voluntary program that will empower the pool and spa owner to make decisions that will make their backyard pool and spa setting safer.


Drowning is preventable and together we can save lives.


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Organizations we are very involved with to keep your kids safe:


National Injury Prevention Council


Colins Hope



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